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Business Development & Growth Boot Camp

Now Booking Dates in NYC for Second Half October and on Long Island First week November 

Coming Soon - Dates will soon be announced for weeks in Tampa - St. Pete Florida, Atlanta, London, Hong Kong

Purchase a one day on site business development and growth conferannce with James Vena. You and your staff will develop strategies to grow, innovate, disrupt, globaize and learn about the benefits of an entrepreneurial mindset.   

Your struggling business or early stage venture can benefit from the business chops, insight, practical experiences and a robust network of global contacts, that has been ascertained via 30 years as a proven business developer and corporate leader. ,

VENATURES is also a great fit for any young company that is not yet in a position to employ a world class business executive full time, but would like to have a world class executive in their corner on an on call or retained basis. 
VENATURES can also provide its vast experience, business chops and ability to articulate and manage as your agent in business negotiations, management hiring and executive development guidance.   
Big Ideas - When a business needs to be freshened up with innovative, even disruptive concepts to help you attain success from the market as well as the excitement from potential investors, I will help create new visions and concepts that will both inspire and challenge you to go big or go home!     


Business Modeling - Once James helps you imagine and define new visions, he we get you in position to create a strategy map to develop your new direction. Execution of a business plan when correctly mapped out and effectively pursued, will simplify the complexity within in your companies processes and develop a winning culture.     


Leadership - Strategy and planning is useless without leadership, execution and communication. James will help you and your staff become better leaders with adding thoughts ascertained via 30 years of practical experience.   


Global Perspective- Being a lifelong global trader and international business expert, James brings a unique skill set to help your business "go global" with his unprecedented understanding of globalization and have a cultural business awareness that can only be learned by actually knowing the international marketplace. 


Entrepreneurship -  James is a proven  entrepreneur, with a track record of success. He is a fantastic teacher, a motivational speaker and an inspirational story teller that will help you and your staff find and hone their inner entrepreneur while teaching you about the life balances needed to sustain success.  

Core Skills - • Business Development and Growth, Value Creation  • Global Growth, Marketing Strategies • Big Ideas, Innovation  • Mergers, Acquisitions, Joint Ventures • Leadership, Change Agent , Entrepreneurship 

A Word from James  

As a driven business creator and global entrepreneur, I have successfully developed and expanded sales for companies from around the globe, across multiple business sectors during my 30 year professional career. 

Along with years of practical experience and proven track record of developing innovative high-growth businesses, I bring a robust contact list and a unique ability to create and articulate visions and strategies to execute business plans 

I am a terrific storyteller and passionate communicator with great people skills capable of  building a rapport with an audience of any size. 

My career started as a commodity trader in the early 1980's for a large international trading house. I subsequently co-founded a global trading and shipping company with offices in New York, Hong Kong and Beijing at 26 Year of age. 

I built the company to be a global trading and international entity with offices in over a dozen countries (and 4 different US States) achieving in excess of USD 800 Million in sales. 

I sold the majority of my business interests in 2005 as an early retirement in order to take an “as long as needed” sabbatical to be the caregiver to my cancer stricken wife and help raise our two young children.  


Companies developed and managed include:

* AUTUS Advisory Partners (Private Equity and Venture Capital Advisory Services) 

* LivItLive S.A. (VIP Hospitality in Sports, Music, Fashion)
* iComTrader (online global trade and marketing)
* Thoroughlybred (internet marketing)
* Ventex Industries (logistics, warehousing)
* Vengroup HK (commodity trade)
* Sino-American Trading (US-China trade)
* Satcorp Int'l Group (global trading house)
* Satcorp Shipping (licensed freight forwarder)

* The New York Couch Potatoes Company (retail) 
* Southbelle Ltd (thoroughbred horse racing, syndication, breeding)

 Mr. James Vena (LinkedIn Profile - http://www.linkedin.com/in/javena)

  Or, send an e mail to  jvena@venatures.com      


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Putting VENATURES on your side means that you will be guided by James Vena as your confidential personal business development manager and growth adviser. James is a successful entrepreneur who has built, developed and managed several global ventures.

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