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Mr Umesh has more than 20 years of experience in FMCG business in International Trade , Sales and Global Marketing along with modern internet based trade. He has studied Management and is associated with Bombay Management Association. He is on the Editorial Team of e-Journal of BMA.

Furthermore, Mr. Umesh has travelled extensively to South Africa ,  Tanzania , Uganda, Kenya , Rwanda , Namibia , Egypt , Zambia, Singapore , Kuala Lumpur, and Nepal. Of course this is in addition to his work and previous travels all over  India.

He has good  knowledge of English, Hindi, Bengali, Assamese, Punjabi, Gujrati and Marathi languages, is involved with Charitable Institutions and is the Managing Trustee of OM Charitable Trust which focuses on Medical needs, for the  poor and needy.

Umesh Can be contacted at + 91 9867334422

E-mail is umeshg@icomtrader.com   


What you should know about India:

  • Type of government: Federal  Republic
  • Major industries: Armaments, caustic soda, cement and other construction materials, ferrous and nonferrous metal fabrication, fertilizers, food processing (particularly sugar refining and vegetable oil production), petrochemicals, petroleum, textiles. Film industry.
  • Currency: Indian rupee
  • Tourism : Great beaches ,exotic Hill stations, Historical monuments, Palaces,  and rich cultural heritage.

India is a diverse country with rich cultural values and a multilingual country  that’s always been open to the rest of the world, and its emerging market place shows the power of a diverse, open economy.

Although only 60 percent of the people are literate, most who have an education understand English — it’s one of two official languages of the government — making India the largest English-speaking nation in the world after the United States of America.

A program of economic liberalization started in 1991 led to rapid growth.  India’s large population and low starting point mean that it can sustain much faster average long-term growth than most other countries.

India has its own numbering system that uses a number that’s between a thousand and a million: the lakh, which is equal to one hundred thousand. If a company reports earnings of 20 lakhs rupees, that means it earned 2 million of them. Another number, the crore, is equal to 10 million. A company with assets of 100 crores rupees has 1 billion rupees in assets.

Advantage of doing business in India

India has huge scale growing off of a small economic base. Even small improvements in income, when multiplied across more than a billion people, add up to big money. That opportunity is huge, but it’s not the only one:

  • Saving big to encourage enterprise: Indians are big savers, so Indians who want to start businesses have access to local capital — from family members or local banks. The country’s culture encourages enterprise.
  • Improving infrastructure: India has long been hampered by poor infrastructure, ranging from dirty  roads (if roads exist at all) to electrical systems with frequent blackouts. The infrastructure is improving, though, slowly but surely.
  • Serving the bottom of the economic pyramid: Much of India’s population is poor, but Indian companies have been developing products, services, and packaging to appeal to people who have little cash and small savings but who want to lead a better life .
  • Organised Retail: is at a developing stage  in India.
  • Economy:in terms of cheap labour, low cost,

                                 About iCom Trader India 

Ø  We will help in nurturing strategic partnerships in India for all our foreign clients.

Ø  We also provide professional expertise related to Audit , Local Taxation, Brand Registration ,Company  Registration, Logistics and Warehousing.

Ø  We also help in identifying Manufacturers, Third party units , Private label suppliers.

Ø  Provide indepth knowledge of Domestic working, CSD Operations(Canteen Stores Department i.e. supply to Army Canteens) , Naval canteens , CPC Operations (Central Police Canteen supplies).

Ø  Assist in identifying local suppliers of Raw Materials and products .

Ø   Market intelligence and Pricing Strategy for Import and Export to India.

Ø  We ensure complete Transparency in our operations.




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Mr Umesh, has been appointed as an official authorized agent of iComTrader in India. He brings more than 20 years of experience in FMCG business in International Trade, Sales and Global Marketing.

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