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I)                   History:

Derived from the traditional village of Phuong La, Thai Phuong, Hung Ha District, Thai Binh specializing in textiles, silk, and satin. Established in 1989 by Mr. Le Minh Hieu in Ward Tien Phong, Thai Binh City.

In 1993, specialized in manufacturing and export of towel products in the Japanese market. The company has established its brand name in the demanding Japanese market, and its product has been indispensable for the Japanese people until now.

In 2000, along with the growth of Vietnam, the company invested in other fields. In addition to textile industry, the company also invested in real estate sector, hydropower, mineral water, drinking water, industrial water, furniture production for export...

Since 2005, converted into Joint Stock Company Nam Long Bitexco multidisciplinary, besides textiles, real estate investment, office buildings, water factories, high-grade furniture production for export, investment in ports, processing of aquatic products for export...

Inheriting the essence of the traditional village, with the investment in modern production line and machinery imported from Europe, Bitexco Nam Long always keeps growing to provide the international market with high-quality products.

 II)                Some invested projects

 Yarn factory with a capacity of 60.000 tons of products per annum.

Textile mill and high-quality towel factory with 60 Italian Vamatex power-looms with a capacity of 3,000 tons of products per annum

Dying factory and completed export high-quality towel products.

Water supply factory in Thai Binh city with a capacity of 20.000 m3/day

Water supply factory in Pho Noi industrial zone with a capacity of 10.000 m3/day.

Office buiding for rent at 63 Vo Van Tan Street -  Ward No.6 – District No.3 – Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam

High-quality wood furniture factory project for export.


Above projects have come into operation and proved the effectiveness of investment.

 Cai Mep deep-water port project in Ba Ria – Vung Tau: In phase I, a port system for 100.000 ton ships to land (Vietnam’s current biggest port) and 120,000 m3 petrol storing system with modern technology in the area of 27 hectares will be finished by December, 2011. In stage II, the development of more 280.000 m3 is expected to be finished by 2014.

 III)             Strategic partners

 Due to its high prestige, Bitexco Nam Long has close relationships with credit organizations and big domestic and foreign banks such as:

·         BIDV, VCB, VietinBank, AgriBank, EximBank, VP bank, Mb bank

·         Viet-Thai Bank, ANZ, Standard Chartered, Tokyo – Mitsubishi UFJ, Sumitomo Mitsui Bank.

With the support from its partners, Bitexco Nam Long’s financial capability and status have been increasingly affirmed and promoted, which strengthens the customers’ trust, its brand-name and rank in the market.

 IV)             Development Strategies and Targets

 Development Strategies:

1: Exporting high-quality cotton towel and timber products

2: Real-estate business, office building for rent, deep-water port business and petrol direct export/import

3: Processing aquatic products for export


Exporting towels in 2011 – 2012 reaches 25 million USD

Exporting towels in 2015 reaches 35 million USD

1.000 billion VND Enterprise Club membership in 2012

 V)                Yarn factory

 With the most modern and spacious machine shed in the region and up-to-date Europe-standard production line system, our yarn factory produces yarn of high quality and yarn products such as different kinds of towels.


Basic information



Modern machinery and technology

German Trutzschler production line automatically adjusts parameters according to set data.


Target customers

- To the US and Japan markets.

- For domestic selling.


Company’s motto

Prestige – Quality – Brand Building


Targets for upcoming years

5.000 tons of threads of all types and 1.500 tons of filaments to supply Bitexco Nam Long weaving factory.


Types of yarn

- CD: Ne 20/1; Ne 30/1; Ne 32/1; Ne 20/2; Ne 32/2; Ne 30/2

- OE: Ne 10/1; Ne 12/1; Ne 16/1; Ne 20/1


Input materials (cotton) are taken from prestigious sources.

From the US, India and West Africa countries.


Factory’s productivity

Threads of all types: 500 tons per month

Filaments of all types: 120 tons per month

 VI)             Towel factory

 1.      Nam Long weaving factory

In order to produce cotton towels of highest quality and with competitive prices in this period of international economic integration, our company has invested in modern Italian machinery. Since our establishment, more than 90% of our cotton towels have been exported to Japan, Taiwan, Russia, the US and EU members.


Basic information



Modern machinery and technology

- 8 2.6m VAMATEX power looms

- 8 2.3m VAMATEX power looms

- 4 SUNZE power looms

- 40 3.6m VAMATEX power looms (30 Jacquers)



All types of towels



Japan, Taiwan, the USA


Targets for upcoming years

Production target in 2011 is 3.000 towels of all types


Input materials are taken from prestigious sources.

From our company's yarn factory.

(cotton type 20, 30)


Factory’s productivity

Vamatex: 2.500 tons per annum

Weaving: 2.000 tons per annum

 2.      Dyeing/bleaching factory

Bleaching, dyeing and drying technologies using the Italian machinery systems give ​​the towels bright colors and especially high color fastness (reconstituting technology) for the best quality. Increasingly high qualified workers make such products with unique colors, high quality, less color fading that our products gain more and more love from the market.

 3.      Finishing factory

With thousands of workers, our weaving-finishing factory plays an important role in the completion of orders. After all of the previous stages have been completed, towels will be perfected, tested, packaged and delivered to customers. Delivery progress to our partners is always guaranteed, which has created confidence in even the most fastidious customers such as Japan and Europe. Quality, design, color and size is guaranteed at the request of customers; hence, no customer complaints about the products our company produces were recorded over the past years.

 VII)          Contact information


A2 Lot, Nguyen Duc Canh Industry Zone, Thai Binh City
Tel: (+84) 36.3 847 848

Fax: (+84) 36.3 847 849


24th floor-W2402-AC Tower, The Manor House, My Đinh, Me Tri, Tu Liem, Hanoi
Tel: (+84) 4.3794 0385

Fax: (+84) 4.3794 0395


63 Vo Van Tan, Ward No.3, District No.3, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel: (+84) 8.393 06 009

Fax: (+84) 8.393 06 036


Phu Da, Ban Yen Nhan, My Hao, Hung Yen
Tel: (+84) 321.3942191

Fax: (+84) 321.3742124

Website: http://bitexconamlong.com.vn


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