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Welcome to our temporary website - Our new site http://autuspartners.com is currently under construction. 
AUTUS Advisory Partners, LLLP
Your Enrichment, Our Mission
(844) 288-8700 

AUTUS Advisory Partners, LLLP provides consulting services to small and midsize companies. Each of the founding members has extensive business credentials and experience derived from starting and managing companies, investing in start-up and existing businesses, serving in executive roles as well as on Board of Directors of public and private companies and providing advisory services across a wide spectrum of industries and business disciplines. 

Ours is a focused approach that quickly targets each client’s challenges and objectives and tailors solutions to fit each unique situation. AUTUS Advisory Partners takes a practical approach to problem solving. We will listen to you and what you hope to achieve. Through our collaborative partnership, your goals will become reality. 

AUTUS PROVIDES SOLUTIONS - Whether you need to market more effectively; reboot your IT; merge seamlessly with another company; make difficult personnel changes; restructure the company to attract financing; create a new business or just know you need to make a change for the better but don’t know where to start, AUTUS Advisory Partners will identify opportunities, find the right solutions and help management implement the changes. 

LOW RISK – HIGH REWARD - AUTUS Advisory Partners will assign a lead partner to guide the work and bring in other AUTUS partners who are best suited for the client project. Every client will receive the benefit of all the advisors working collectively on their behalf.

Each advisor is represented by the group, ensuring a practical and “signed off” solution expanding to a large network of professionals. The client must realize financial improvement in order for AUTUS to succeed itself. For the client, our method of deployment equates to Low Risk– High Reward. View Core Services 

OUR VALUE PROPOSITION - The founding managing directors of AUTUS Advisory Partners are experienced professionals with expertise across many industries and specific fields. Each one has a deep understanding of what it takes to operate a successful business.

We have confronted the challenges of running day-to-day operations, in small and very large companies, raised and allocated capital and confronted the technology revolution that has brought risks and opportunities, especially for smaller and mid-size enterprises. The phrase “strategic planning” is not just jargon to us. We have each lived it and we know how to identify, evaluate and implement the changes in your business that will fulfill your objectives. 

Our Core Services Include 

- Business Development, Value Creation, Branding
- Structuring & Restructuring
- Idea Generation & Disruptive Innovation
- Private Equity Consulting & Venture Capital Advisory
- Marketing Plans & Sales Strategies
- IT Architecture & Management

AUTUS is also ready to help enhance your business by;

 - Refining or redefining corporate goals.
 - Communicating (pitch) value propositions and articulating your corporate visions.    
 - Developing a “go to market strategy” for capital raise.
 - Provide investor introductions and construct an investment thesis. 
 - Consult on placement of executive staff and construct your board of directors. 
 - Offer professional advice on Private Placement offerings.
 - Seek out and develop joint venture partners and business to business matchmaking. 

OUR UNIQUE APPROACH - We work directly with each client to ensure the timely and satisfactory completion of every engagement. When required, we will tap our network of functional experts to address specific elements of an assignment.

The AUTUS fee structure reflects our commitment to link our compensation to your success. We know that our real world experience and commitment to tie your success to our reward differentiates us from other advisory services. Our goal is to evaluate your needs and goals and help you through the process that ensures your success.

Every assignment is unique so we offer an initial free 2 hour consultation service to referred clients where we listen, ask questions and learn about the client’s needs. Based upon what we heard during that discussion, AUTUS prepares a proposal presentation for you to review.

Upon acceptance of the proposal, the client agrees to pay for a minimum of 50 cumulative hours of consultation at the price of $15000.00 plus any expenses incurred related to the project. 

After the minimum set of hours is exhausted, the client and AUTUS will review the assignment and discuss further engagement of either the entire team or specified individual(s) from our team to continue in the project. The rate will then be set at $275.00 per billable hour plus any applicable additions and reimbursable expenses. 

At the end of the initial 50 hours, should you decide to move forward in further development and capitalization,  you would be required to formerly appoint AUTUS Advisory Partners to your Advisory Board with the following economic model of Advisory Board Fees, Incentives (VAR’s) -  

Per diem and expenses

• $1800.00 per day for on-site meetings or $275.00/Hour Phone and Off Site Time Spent

• All related business expenses reimbursed in full

• Approved travel and transportation reimbursed in full

• Reasonable opportunistic expenses reimbursed in full

Valuation Appreciation Right’s (VAR’s)

• Based on enterprise value (EV) threshold

• Equal to 2% of EV appreciation > NAV, adjusted for mergers and acquisitions

• VAR’s vest in full in three years and may be monetized by holder on or after 2 years

• Principal shall have the option to redeem VAR’s or covert to shares at FMV on or after 3 years

• Standard anti-dilution protections  

Capital Raise - PPO/CLO/PE/Debt and Structured Financing  –  If it is required and feasible for AUTUS to tap into our network with an investment thesis to find lenders and private investors, we will do so only after a minimum of the initial 50 hours has been spent, due diligence is finalized and the advisory board appointment is formalized.  Our fee on capital raise will be determined by the circumstances and available methods, and will range from a minimum of 2% to a maximum of 4% of money and or debt equity raised.   

To learn more about the roster of current members, please visit: http://autuspartners.com/who-we-are/

Please feel free to call us at 844 AUTUS00 (844 288 8700) or send us an e mail to info@autuspartners.com if you’d like to schedule a free, no risk, no obligation initial consultation.  

New - Watch our Introduction Video here: http://youtu.be/SZLhNnLmijA
AUTUS Advisory Partners, LLLP
Your Enrichment, Our Mission
Toll Free - (844) AUTUS00 



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AUTUS Partners is a unique and exceptional consulting firm. Exceptional because a requirement to be a partner in our firm is to have at least 20 years of experience in one’s field. We are unique because we differ from every other consulting firm.

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