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iComTrader - Go Global With a Local Sales Team!

At iComTrader we understand how important it is in today's competitive markets, for manufacturers and suppliers of products and services to develop export sales into the global marketplace via a direct marketing effort.

The cost of hiring talented and experienced employees, combined with traveling costs and the time that needs to be invested to access these new markets, often makes global growth seem unattainable.

One of our featured programs is our direct sales and marketing services, which we can now provide in many different countries around the globe.

The iComTrader Int’l Group’s business model dictates that we have offices or authorized sales representatives, physically located in the countries in which we offer direct sales services. As a result, we offer a safe, efficient and cost effective solution to our clients seeking dedicated sales development.

It takes business knowledge and cultural awareness to succeed in a rapidly growing world marketplace. Having representation in local markets, and offering those experts to our clients, allows us to gain access, market knowledge, and new business partners so that our clients can achieve long term relationships and sustainable growth.

In doing so, we can offer an “our offices are your offices” partnership so that you will indeed have a local sales staff in place, without incurring the high cost of committing your staff and travel budget to explore new business opportunities in new markets. They will speak the local language and understand the local customs, which will increase your chances of building a sustainable market for your product.

A sales commission of will be assessed on all sales during the period of the contract which will be no less than two years. Commission percentages will be based on product line and territory.

A minimum commission will need to be guaranteed, and start at just USD $4000.00/Month, per territory or region covered. The minimum commission is payable on the first day of each month, and will be deducted from commission invoices that will be paid on a quarterly basis. The minimum commission is guaranteed, non-refundable and will not roll over into the next quarter.

E Mail sales@icomtrader.com to schedule a free consultation to determine what program may best fit your sales and marketing goals. Please be sure to Register Here to get on our mailing list to receive our latest news and country openings!

Send us an E Mail or Contact us by phone at (877) 291 3232 (USA)

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