Sell on iComTrader - Packages, Plans, Fees

iComTrader Features, Listing Fees, Commissions, Seller Plans

iComTrader's flexible format allows sellers different marketing options to promote online sales. Sellers can list new and used items using our state-of-the-art listing tools which include a "Buy Now" price as well as an eBay styled online auction. The combination of an international audience, as well as the excitement and competitive nature of online sites with auction capabilities, attract constant traffic. Have your own weekly, monthly or even daily auctions!


* A functional and easily updated Sellers homepage with unique website address (URL) which can be used . on your company stationary, business cards, e mail signatures, etc.

* Built in content sharing tools for easy promotion.

* All terms and conditions are dictated by the Seller.

*All payments are made directly from the buyer to seller.

* Online admin panel with web-store like tools to list,bulk (spreadsheet) upload, along with invoicing management.

* Action 24/7 as your website will never close while it offers portable access anywhere, anytime.

* All listings generate their own SEO friendly, indexed URL's


Platinum Seller Plan (includes unlimited free listings) - $10/Month or $99/Year with *standard commission rates applied on sales

Individual Listing Tokens (unused tokens never expire)
2 Listing Tokens $1.00
20 Listing Tokens $5.00
100 Listing Tokens $10.00

GLE Tech Multiple Channel Control Panel

Clients of GLE Tech that use the Control Panel can sell unlimited listings on iComTrader, synced automatically with their eBay, Amazon, Etsy, or private online stores.

The Control Panel is best at selling collectible items, but can sell anything. Find out more about the Multiple Channel Control Panel here.

*iComTrader Commissions
8% on the first $100.00
5% on the next $100.01 up to $1000.00
1% on everything above $1000.01