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About iComTrader

What We Do

iComTrader provides a uniquely designed, safe and secure online platform for connecting business to business, globally. Here businesses can offer goods and services in an online global marketplace using both fixed price offers and eBay styled auctions.

iComTrader 's policy is to ONLY allow VERIFIED sellers to offer products and services for sale on our "closed commerce" platform. Offerings can range from commodities to apparel to raw materials to consumer goods to services.

iComTrader was originally founded to be a safe, global commodity trade platform (mostly private). Now we have expanded our business platform to the general public and offering 4 ways to help companies develop an online business. iComTraderís platform is now designed to accommodate four different types of safer online selling for those seeking a B2B website to promote global sales.

1) Private commodity traders, growers and miners that use the platform to receive bids from their customers. This business is strictly available to buyers invited by the seller and only invitees and their sellers can view/participate in the bidding process.

2) Private Inventory auctions Ė Like our commodity platform which is hidden to the general public, bidders are invited by sellers and a code is required to view/participate in the event. Eventís range from charity auctions to surplus auctions to liquidation events.

3) Public eBay styled auction listings - While this marketplace offers a platform that is open to public, sellers are still verified and are asked to pay to use the platform. This all but eliminates free listings and all of the disingenuous offers that seem to accompany such listings on free websites, rendering them useless.

4) Public website and online store. Like eBay, we provide the platform to host a sellers homepage, a public profile in our directory, and listings with separate URL's for the seller to share. We also provide the free web tools and content sharing programs.

In all cases, it is expected that the seller will be using iComTrader as a platform and web host. It is up to the seller to promote their own listings (we provide the free tools to do so).

All users are provided with a free iComTrader homepage, an online profile for our directory, a free URL, great online marketing tools and a web store like admin panel. .

Buyers on iComTrader can utilize our a safe and free service to source product in the global marketplace. As a member, a buyer (once vetted) can anonymously have an inquiry posted in the Buying Requests section of our website, of so that VERIFIED sellers can post online offers for consideration. The buyer, you will remain completely anonymous so that they will not be inundated with unwanted solicitations or offers from unverified sellers. Only product listings from verified sellers will be forwarded to the buyer, so that they can decide which seller to engage.

Who We Are

iComTrader was founded by long time international trader and global entrepreneur James A.Vena.

Upon returning to his business after a 5 year sabbatical to for his cancer stricken wife, Mr. Vena discovered a changed landscape in the way international business and global trade was being pursued due to the development and proliferation of the internet.

James saw the reach of social media and online marketing as both an asset and a liability and wondered how trust would be ascertained in an environment where most of the participants weren't verified.

Our Vision

James decide to explore creating an online ecosystem that would be a safer, members only environment for the serious trader. Starting with a commodity trade platform that offered eBay styled auctions, James expanded the ecosystem to include fixed price selling, ecommerce and open to the public as iComTrader Partners.

Mr. Vena, a well recognized trade expert, understands the global marketplace on all levels which spurred him to add auction software to his vision with the idea that actual values, are determined by buyers. regions and currency values, hence a bidding platform is offered as an option to both buyers and sellers.

By adding a live auction trade platform James has in effect created a vehicle to "commoditize" non-commodities in a global virtual marketplace.

For more information on our services, or to become an affiliate or local office/agent please contact us by e mail Info@icomtrader.com