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iComTrader Int'l Group Frequently Asked Questions

What does BidCow offer me that I can't already get?

Bid Cow is an exciting new marketplace that brings Home Furnishings Industry buyers and sellers together from all over the globe. Bid Cow's auction format offers many benefits to both the buyer and the seller that has not existed in the past. Sellers can easily offer for sale their closeout, overstocked, or whatever inventory direct to an international audience of Furniture Industry buyers without delay.

Buyers will be able to peruse the BidCow website 24/7 in the comfort of there homes and offices, and jump in to bid on product offerings that may not have been available to them in the past.

What product categories does BidCow offer?

All home furnishing categories can be listed and purchased.

What's involved as a seller? Do I pay per item? A flat fee, etc?

After an auction is completed the buyer and the seller are notified automatically that a successful auction has occurred and the buyer then arranges to pay the seller. The seller has pre-set the terms of payment prior to the start of the auction, so the buyer makes arrangements to pay the seller within a set time frame. After a successful auction, Bid Cow receives a commission of 8% of the gross sale (winning bid).

As a seller, do I post my own goods on the site?

The Bid Cow web site is designed to allow the seller to easily and instantly post their items for sale. The seller has the ability, through a listing template, to follow the step-by-step instructions and upload onto the site all the photography and information that is required. Video tutorials, as well as written instructions, are readily available to assist the poster. BidCow has also established a help line to offer hands-on instruction if any additional support is needed.

As a seller, how long does my listing stay on the site? Who monitors if the item or items have sold?

The Bid Cow auction format allows the seller flexibility. There are many selling options in which to choose. The time frame of the auction can be selected, as well as many options such as minimum bids, packaged lot sales, one item or a truckload, payment requirements and inventory condition. The listing template walks the seller through the process and the decisions of how the seller would like the sale to be structured is flexible within the parameters set up by BidCow. It is totally up to the seller to decide.

What's involved as a buyer? Is there a fee?

There is no fee to the buyer. Buyers just have to register and off we go. The registration process assures that we monitor to the best of our ability, that this is an industry offering. Only buyers operating within the home furnishings and related industries can enjoy the use of the Bid Cow auction forum.

How are returns handled?

Returns, damages, and claims are handled in the normal course of industry business. BidCow offers and manages the forum and is not responsible for disputes, so issues need to be worked out between the buyer and the seller. Many damage claims will be insured with the freight carriers, so inspections should occur when offloading products.

Are there minimum posting requirements?

No! There are no minimum or maximum posting requirements. Sellers choose what they want to sell.

Why is the Sales tax id number and the Federal Tax id number required?

BidCow requires you to provide a state tax id number and federal tax id number for several reasons. Because Bid Cow is a business to business offering, we must make sure that you are a registered business operating within the Home Furnishings Industry. Also we have to be careful that employees that are not authorized by the principles of your company will not able to register without there consent.

All information is being stored on a secure server and this information will not be accessible to any outside concern.

When will BidCow be a live auction site?

BidCow is currently advertising and attracting buyers and sellers. Soon, potential BidCow auction participants will be able to visit our site and view our tutorial to obtain a better understanding of how it works. Both buyers and sellers can register now.

A two week listing process will begin August 31st, 2009. This time period will allow sellers to begin uploading their sale items. During this phase, the active registration process will continue as the awareness of the site increases. Although the listing process is simple, we anticipate questions from first time users so we have prepared all the tutorials for both buyers and sellers. We will have our help lines turned on to flush out any questions a new BidCow user may have.

Our Grand Opening Day is September 14, 2009 and we are off to the farm. At 12 Noon EST, the auction bell will ring and the BidCow is ready to make deals like no udder.

Put your extra inventory out to pasture!

Mooove that extra inventory!

Buy Now, Bid Cow.

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