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Consign with UltimateCardsAndCoins.com!

Over the years UltimateCardsAndCoins has sold tens of thousands of individual sportscards on our website, eBay. and at shows. We have a strong following, with over 60,000 positive feedback comments.

The UltimateCardsAndCoins.com consignment service allows you to benefit from our knowledge and customer base. We do the things that makes a difference in the amount an item sells for.

Standard Consignment Rules

How it Works
You choose the items you want to sell, and ship them to us. Always Contact Us first for recommendations. We will inventory your items and prepare them for listing. You will be notified when your items are up for listed.

If you have higher valued items special circumstances can be arranged. These could include higher starting bids, lower commissions, or special promotions.

Call us today at 239-481-9789 to talk about what you have to sell!

Consignment Form and Agreement