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iComTrader Online eBay Styled Auction Plans

Online, eBay styled auctions are an innovative and effective way to market and sell products. Now you can use our eBay styled platform to create public or private online auction sales events.

iComTrader Online Auction Benefits

    * The combination of the excitement and competitive nature of auctions offers better buys and higher returns

    * Auctions are "live", with a process similar to the process used on eBay. The auction event can be open to the public or by sellers "invitation only".

    *The auction event can be open to the public or by "invitation by seller only".

    * Listing parameters such as time limitations, minimum bids, reserve prices and 'buy it now' functions are offered.

    * Online auctions are transparent

    * Sales terms are dictated by seller, with payments made directly from buyer to seller.

    * Action 24/7 as we never close and offer portable access anywhere, anytime for both Buyers/Sellers.

    * Low commissions to sellers, no commissions to buyers.

iComTrader Auction Event Plan Features

    * A professional, fully functional, seller's homepage with unique web-address (URL).

    * Unlimited, free listings with free image and document uploads.

    * .Built in website tools for promoting and content sharing of event homepage and listings.

    * Lowered commissions when winning bidders and buyers are invited by seller.

    * Site assistance to help sellers get the most out of the tools offered on our state-of-the-art website.

    * Admin panel with invoicing, payment and sales management tools

iComTrader Pricing

    Verified Seller Membership Plans

      Platinum Plan - 1.5% service charge (commissions) on sales. $500/Year

      Our Silver Plan - 3.5% service charge (commissions) on sales. $199/Year

    Individual Listing Tokens (No Membership Plan in Place)
    1 Listing Token $1.75
    5 Listing Tokens $7.50
    10 Listing Tokens $12.00

    Unused Listing Tokens Will Never Expire.

    A 2.5% service fee will be invoiced on listings sold using these tokens.