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iComTrader Annouces Expansion Into East Africa

Posted Monday January 7, 2013 7:33:26 AM EDT

iComTrader International Group announced today that they will now be offering services to East Africa!

Mr. James Vena, CEO introduced Ms. Marilyn Comrie, as the newly appointed iComTrader territory partner and founding agent, in the East African region which includes These include the countries of Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Burundi..

Mr. Vena introduced the new addition to the iComTrader Int’l Group in a statement that included “I am as pleased as I am excited to introduce you to my new territory partner joining our rapidly expanding iComTrader Global Management team of international business and trade development professionals.

We have been seeking the right partner in this fast growing region of Africa, and Ms. Comrie and her team will be that , and so much more! Marilyn, not only brings us new territories for our clients to explore and develop new business relationships in a safe and effective manner, but she also brings with her an experienced and dynamic resume’ that will manifest into an asset for our entire group. We are lucky to have her and my gut tells me that Marilyn and her team will exceed our already high expectations”.

He continued “Our staff, global partners, agents and our growing list of worldwide clients, can now start to strategize with us on what would be the most efficient and cost effective way for them to explore the East African markets. Now that iComTrader has “boots on the ground” representatives to enter into direct contact with importers, exporters, growers, end users and suppliers, on behalf of our clients, we feel that we have eliminated one of the larger obstacles that have stood in the way of developing trade relations with the promising companies in this area, namely, trust and verification "

“The foundations of our East Africa service, is based on the ethics of creating win-win business relationships where everyone gains and benefits. Marilyn and her team pride themselves on creating high quality 1-1 relationships between clients, purchasers, suppliers and governments based on mutual trust, harmonious relations and securing each other's future prosperity” said Marilyn Comrie.

Meet Marilyn Comrie - Marilyn is an award winning British entrepreneur and international trade specialist, who was honored by Her Majesty The Queen with The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, or OBE for her services to women’s enterprise. She was also awarded the prestigious Kofi Annan African Leadership Excellence Award for her pioneering institutional capacity building work with post-conflict African countries like Liberia and Somaliland.

She is keen to hear from exporters and investors who are keen to expand into the sizable East African market place, a region which is predicted by Harvard Business School to be one of the fastest growing economies in 2012/3 and which grew on average by 6% last year.

Marilyn oversees an extensive network of trusted trade professionals across the region. Together they specialise in taking the legwork and expense out of market entry into East Africa, by sourcing best fit buyers who are willing to buy your service or product.

A prolific networker, Marilyn has built a prestigious personal network of 4,000 influential leaders and senior decision makers in government, corporate, SME and NGO sectors in the East Africa region that she consistently leverages to create new trade and investment opportunities for her clients.

The Goals of iComTrader East Africa are to build and support buyer-supplier and investment communities across a range of sectors to create an effective Supply Chain network including:

• Education & Skills training
• Oil & gas industry
• Environmental & Green Technology
• Financial services
• Manufacturing
• Agriculture
• Tourism
• Advanced Engineering
• Construction
• Food & drink

Services provided by iComTrader East Africa include:

• Market Research/Entry into East Africa/ Company Registration
• Sales & Marketing,
• East Africa Trade Intelligence,
• Import/Export Procedures, Documents /Local Regulatory Approvals
• FTA/Tariffs
• Finding Suppliers/Outsourcing of Products and Services
• Translation Services
• Partnerships/Joint Venture Structurings
• Executive Search, & Selection,
• Training & Development
• Business Mentoring
• HR & Recruitment

Visit the Marilyn’s iComTrader webpage here: http://www.icomtrader.com/sites/mcomrie

E Mail Marilyn – marilyn.comrie@icomtrader.com

About iComTrader - The iComTrader International Group of companies have been established to provide global business development and international expansion of commerce to companies seeking globalization and safe, affordable access to the international marketplace.

The companies included are iComTrader Global Management, iComTrader Online, iComTrader Int'l Trading, and iComTrader Global Capital Ltd.

iComTrader is a traditionally structured, yet uniquely designed international trading house that offers a variety of global business development services via our team of skilled international trade professionals physically located, around the world.

As a result of our business model, we have in essence created a members only ecosystem so that we can offer you a safe and effective way to achieve total global expansion, without you needing to dedicate your current staff or the financial resources to add such staff, to gain access to new customers and new markets.

At iComTrader, our skilled localized global business development professionals are supported and complimented by our global trade network and our optional online business to business sales and live trade portal.

While our global trade network and international trade ecosystem utilizes direct sales strategies into local markets around the world, our online services play an important role in the initial product promotion, sales development and supply chain verifications. Using our online services of iComTrader Online, provides our clients with transparency in a “live” commerce exchange setting, are an exciting addition to our business model.

Currently iComTrader International provides services that include: Local Market Sales Representation, Online Sales and Marketing, Int'l B2B Online Inventory Liquidation Auctions, Global Development and General Consulting, Global Sourcing, Market Research/Entry, Joint Venture Matchmaking, Private Equity Placement, Venture Capital/Start Up Advisement, Corporate Advisory Board Services

Please feel free to contact us with any questions by calling us at (877) 291- 3232 (USA) or by e mail to info@icomtrader.com You can also locate and contact the iComTrader office nearest you by clicking on the Contacts link in the task bar menu.

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