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iComTrader Continues it's Expansion into Southeast Asia

Posted Monday April 23, 2012 4:12:14 PM EDT

Ms. Cindy Sia, Director of ASEAN Territories for iComTrader Int'l has announced that Mr. Matthew Haysom has joined her team in Southeast Asia.

"I am very pleased to introduce Matthew Haysom to you. He is our agent for Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand. He is an excellent member of our ASEAN team, having the experience and drive that we are looking for. He is a good team player too", said Ms. Sia. 

Matthew is a British National who started his career in the Royal Air Force before gaining experience in direct sales for a number of leading UK companies. He has a degree in Business Administration and a Masters in Export Marketing. Matthew has over 20 years of relevant commercial experience in Asia. He established his consultancy career by specialising in developing Anglo/Sino trading relationships between UK SME’s and China based enterprises. His extensive background in international business has included periods working in the advertising industry in the Middle East, where amongst other projects, he helped reintroduce the Coca-Cola brand into Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Whilst operating in the ASEAN region, he was responsible for more than doubling the turnover of the business under his care and for setting up distribution networks in many new markets. Matthew has developed a talent for identifying and seizing business opportunities for his clients. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge that he offers to companies seeking to accelerate their business growth in the region. Married with two daughters and a step-son, he currently resides in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and enjoys spending his time developing his business to better service his clients in the region.

Based in Malaysia, Matthew has worked across a broad spectrum of businesses in the Asia Pacific region with a specific focus on the markets in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand. His on-the-ground knowledge and local experience will be invaluable in assisting new-to-market clients in entering and successfully establishing a customer base in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand. His specific areas of expertise include the following:


- Asia Pacific import/export trade specialist with extensive contact base.
- Channel appointment, motivation, management and development.
- Skilled negotiator and expert B2B and B2C relationship building.
- Consultant on Asia region-wide sourcing of products and customers.
- New distribution set-up and logistics consultancy and support.
- Market research, analysis and mapping specialist.
- Experienced in origination and implementation of successful marketing campaigns.

Detailed Profile of Matthew Haysom Here 

iComTrader is a traditionally structured international trading business that endeavor's in the globalization of business and commerce through a worldwide staff of global trade professionals.

Our services include market entry, export sales, global marketing, product sourcing, joint venture/partnership structuring, trade finance, logistics management, global development consulting, research. and the like.

iComTrader is currently active in trading of raw materials, commodities, food and wine products, textiles and textile raw materials, chemicals, petrochemicals, minerals, metals, agricultural products, fertilizers, forestry bioenergy, and more.

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