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New for Online Sellers - Sell Anything, Anywhere, Anytime

Posted Sunday February 28, 2016 5:03:16 PM EDT

Attention b2b, b2c and c2c online sellers! Buy, Sell, Trade - Anything, Anywhere, Anytime - Introducing the new iComTrader!    

iComTrader is an eBay styled selling channel and online marketplace which allows sellers to offer products and services in both an online Auction as well as for a "Buy Now" price.

A seller may also choose to entertain offers from potential buyers using our easy to use listing tools.
Users with a selling plan in place can sell unlimited listings on iComTrader, synced automatically with their eBay, Amazon, Etsy, or in their own iComTrader online store.

List it Once! Introducing our GLE Tech Multiple Channel Control Panel

Sell on Amazon, eBay, Your Own Website, ALL at the same time. The Beauty of Multiple Channel Online Selling!

iComTrader through its collaboration with GLE Tech, is now offering a Multiple Control Panel, which provides an easy to use online inventory manager.

The Control Panel is a complete suite of tools for listing inventory, tracking sales, invoicing, and tracking fulfillment to finalize sales on Amazon, eBay, ETSY and your iComTrader online store.

We have many different tools to create effective, informative listings for Amazon, eBay and/or your website.

With our tools you can do more in less time, or do things you didn't think were possible.

Connecting to Your iComTrader Store - With an iComTrader Online Store, your online inventory is automatically added as you list new items.

Connecting to eBay - You can send your inventory individually or in bulk to eBay, as Auction or eBay Store listings. Make an Offer and all listing duration's are supported. - When you list auction style, listings are removed for sale from all other channels.

Connecting to Amazon - With unlimited listings for Amazon Professional selling accounts, we can offer automatic synchronization whenever you list an item, business service or commodity(b2b).  You can also download your inventory and upload to Amazon Seller Central using the various flat file templates.

The software checks Amazon and eBay for sold items and updates your inventory across all channels. This allows you to have items in your online store, Amazon, and your eBay Store at the same time!

Fast and Easy Listing Process with Bulk uploading - With the Multiple Channel Control Panel you can list any type of item for sale, either individually, or in bulk through the use of our new spreadsheet bulk uploader

All of the tools in the Control Panel are designed for ease and speed. We don't want you to get bogged down on minor details. We take care of them for you. If you want to spend extra time on a listing, you have the capability of adding extensive descriptions and as many images as you need.

SELLING ON iComTrader  -  Premium Seller Plan

Platinum Seller - List unlimited items for $10/Month or $99/Year with *standard commission rates applied on sales

*iComTrader Commissions
8% on the first $100.00
5% on the next $100.01 up to $1000.00
1% on everything above $1000.01

2 Listing Tokens $1.00
20 Listing Tokens $5.00
100 Listing Tokens $10.00

BUYING ON iComTrader - Buying on iComTrader is always free. You do need to pay for your stuff!

Register to iComTrader and start your online selling experience here:  http://www.icomtrader.com/create_account.cgi?load=1

Already registered and want to start selling? Simply login to your account and select either Purchase a Seller Plan or  Purchase Listing Tokens Here

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