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The Winners Creed - "I Can. I Will. End of Story"

Posted Saturday December 26, 2015 5:50:17 PM EDT

When it comes to business and innovation, many would argue that success may be predisposed as most successful people seem to have certain inborn traits that just can’t easily be taught or ascertained via practical experiences.


Characteristics in people that would have others describe them as; fearless, creative, charismatic, tireless, unwavering, committed, instinctive, passionate, innovative, having integrity, etc., are simply just not easy to teach. In many cases, you either have ”it” or you don’t. 


Most of the time, this subject becomes part of a business conversation in which the age old question of ‘Entrepreneurs; Born or Made? Or “Leaders Born or Made’ is being argued or discussed. On one side of the argument is typically successful leaders and business developers who feel that they have attained success and achieved goals by tapping into the stuff they are made of.


On the other side is typically those who’d like to profit from something that they are teaching (many without any track record of their own successes).  Sort of like selling those proverbial ‘magic beanstalk beans”. Besides, doing something entrepreneurial doesn’t make one an entrepreneur any more that playing basketball makes one an athlete. 


These days, it seems that the title ‘Entrepreneur” is being used more and more often without much thought, merit or credibility. Sadly, the moniker is overly used now that so many of the underachieving and unemployed have hijacked the title for relevance in social media. 


I can’t help to snicker when I see any ad, promising to turn someone into a successful entrepreneur with the seduction of financial freedom and more vacations as they troll the waters for those seeking what I call “business ownership utopia”.


Let’s face it, successful people are always mission driven and make that mission a greater cause than themselves.  Successful people also have a high tolerance for the pain and sacrifices that come along with having a great work ethic. It is rare to teach work ethic.


Now that I have gotten a bit older, and hopefully somewhat wiser, it has occurred to me that while having these inborn traits may have helped in my successes in business, perhaps it is these same traits that have played a role in my successes as a leader, as a father, as a son, as a a husband, as a partner, mentor, etc.


So I started to think, that while many have created lists that they attribute to their business success, I would bet my last dollar that in most cases, those same rules when applied to other aspects of one’s life, would prove to be equally helpful in attaining success and happiness. 


After all, it’s not all about what you attain materially that makes you a great person to be around. When it comes to material things, sometimes “having “enough’ is really all you need. When it comes to utilizing and sharing the things you were born with to maintain a better life, “just enough” needs to be extricated from one’s vocabulary. 


After getting a bit philosophical with some of my family members on the reasons of my own successes and how they can find the same happiness in life, it dawned on me that my DNA, (the GIVE IN but NEVER GIVE UP gene) played a huge hand as it allowed me to have the WILL to live my life within the following rules of engagement:  


A few rules to live by ,in order to attain success (in everything to do).


·Losers make excuses; Winners make time.

·Know when to give in,  but NEVER give up.

· Lapses in judgment are human, but there is no such thing as a lapse of integrity.

·Always fight fire with water, never with fire.

·Be equally passionate about understanding others, as wanting to be understood.

·Know that time may heal all wounds, it kills all deals. Be expeditious.   

·Possess a childlike curiosity to go along with an intellectual humility

· Express the desire to learn something about everyone you meet.   

·Know what you don’t know,

·Have high expectations of others, but even higher ones of yourself. 

·Compromise to cooperate, but never at the expense of your principals. 

·Be understated, yet confident.

·Always be optimistic about the future of others. 

·Demand the highest in quality of character from  your partners. 

·Express genuine benevolence, compassion and understanding. 


 It is my opinion that many of the above are simply not easy to ascertain if one is not born with the ability to live in this manner engrained in their DNA. It’s the difference between a cliché and a lifestyle that is governed by one's makeup and inborn traits.


Good Luck in 2016 and may your right hand always be extended in friendship and never in want! 


About Me –I am a nine time business founder and retired Global CEO.  I now spend most of my time as an independent consultant for startups and early stage ventures as well as engage as a retained independent operating partner for Venture Capital and Private Equity firms seeking innovation, growth , development and interim management at my VENATURES LTD (www.venatures.com) and at AUTUS Advisory Partners (www.autupartners.com).


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