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Make 2015 The Year of Expansionism

Posted Saturday December 20, 2014 11:23:12 AM EDT

As we have now embarked upon a new year, many of us are taking an account of things accomplished in the last year while we commit to personal resolutions that we hope will improve our lives, and the lives of those that we influence in the new year.

Recently, I was asked to share with a small audience of aspiring entrepreneurs, my personal thoughts and opinions on various topics that occurred in 2014, and what my predictions were for 2015 along with my personal New Year’s resolution for the New Year.

As I was considering my resolution, I blurted out “EXPANSIONISM”.

One of the audience members asked “do you mean globalization?” Of course, based on my career and the very reason for the advisory board I was serving on, it was an apropos and understandable question.

However, I stayed committed to “EXPANSIONISM” as my personal resolution and as a result I have adopted the term as my buzz word for 2015. I have even started using it with a #hashtag on tweets and hoping that the term will be practiced and promoted by others.

Now, I am hoping you will too.

I believe that a universal adoption of the practice and discipline of "EXPANSIONISM" would be a panacea of sorts to many of the world's problems today.

In fact, the practice of EXPANSIONISM as I see it, can have a positive, effect that can change the world, as it will help us all look at things, differently.

Practicing the ideals of expansionism will be both self-empowering and will allow you to offer the gift of empowerment to others. Empowerment is a wonderful gift, and it is always more satisfying to give the gift of empowerment than it is to receive it.

Let's work together to build bridges, not walls and demand the same from our leaders.

The form of "expansionism" that I am suggesting here includes; the desire for expanded knowledge, the openness of expanded understanding, the belief in expanded opportunities, the expansion of one’s overall tolerance and the spreading of expanded awareness.

Our goals should include attaining an expansion of friendships, relationships, working networks and time spent, with those who matter most to us and that we, matter most to in return.
If you would like to jump on board to spread the ideal's of "EXPANSIONISM", you can start simply by sharing this message.

Warmest Wishes for The New Year

James Vena, Founder

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