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iComTrader Further Expands Into China, Adds Services

Posted Friday August 8, 2014 6:49:27 AM EDT

The iComTrader Int'l Group has formed a partnership with a fast growing local company to be the "Master Agent" and Country partner in China. 

The new company will handle all of the iComTrader Int'l Group's expansion plans in the region while providing "boots on the ground" customer service to clients in China. 

The iComTrader Int'l group is made up of four divisions that include online marketing services, trading, development consulting and direct market entry/sales representation. 

Ms. Shan Zheng has been appointed and assigned as the Managing Independent Agent for the People’s Republic of China.

Shan has had fruitful experiences in the Financial Service Industry (Merrill Lynch – Bank of America), the Internet Industry (Silicon Valley), and the International Trade and Market Development Industries (China Lady Shoe Center).

Shan has resided in both China and the USA, and has developed a cultural understanding and awareness that can only be ascertained by hard work, passion and the opportunity to live in different countries.

She speaks fluent Mandarin and English and holds a Bachelor degree of Software Engineering & Mass Communication from the Sichuan University. Ms. Zheng also has earned her Master's degree in Digital Marketing from the Hult International Business School.

Shan is Co-founder of RedScarf Tech & Service Co. Ltd., which is focusing on Technology innovation, Digital Marketing globalization, and Internet third-party service.

Mr. James A Vena, Founder and Interim CEO of the group introduced Shan and RedScarf in a recent announcement stating "I think that it was inevitable for us to "double down" our efforts in China. Given my background and close relationships within country, most probably were wondering what took so long. Simply put, I was waiting to find the perfect partners to grown our business in line with my vision and business approach. Well the wait and the search is over, and ended the day I met with Shan Zheng" 

Here is excerpts from a recent statement by Shan relative to the cooperation with iComTrader:

"I have always dreamed that one day i may do something that would somehow help further connect China to the World. I spent years living in the States, to study, to watch, to learn and to wait for my opportunity to react. Now I believe that I have found the way to reach my goals and realize my dream, even if just one step at a time."

Shan went on to state "I am not saying that the internet isn’t the best tool to connect people and business from around the world, I am merely saying it is not the only manner to connect, and in many cases is just the first step to finding other and perhaps more reliable, practical tools to connect in a more sustainable and developmental manner. I now think that the business model and culture of iComTrader makes long time business in faraway places, more possible, and fulfilling"

"Yes, we (China) have Alibaba, which is quite a large company. However, iComTrader not only has the equivalent and perhaps more useful online tools and virtual global online marketplace as Alibaba, but also and without question have a stronger localization and global marketing solution than Alibaba and all other websites in the space. iComTrader is not strictly a technology company, which means that they have the capability and "human driven" market and trade strategies to help its clients knock  on a sellers or buyer’s door, anywhere in the world if required.

I believe in this people doing business with people principle with a passion. As James Vena (iComTrader's Founder) once told me, “business brings people together to shake hands , to hug, to laugh, and live in the world, together”. People doing business with people and using technology to simplify, but not replace the principles of human interaction."  

In the end, I believe in the cooperation with iComTrader team, will help me and subsequently our clients, find and meet, tremendous opportunities within China, and create an “exclusive” business ecosystem for China's suppliers to find new business partners from around the world, knowing that each seller was "verified" and called upon by iComTrader China!"

Learn about the new iComTrader China here: http://www.icomtrader.com/sites/shanzheng/  

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