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Create Your "Amway" - Empower Your Re-sellers with "State of the Art" Tools

Posted Sunday June 22, 2014 9:17:56 AM EDT

This NEW program from iComTrader Online is designed strictly for Suppliers/Manufacturers that are seeking an innovative way to create a network of online sellers re-sellers. 

Imagine having a sales force set up anywhere and everywhere in the world to sell your products to consumers both online and off.. 

Now, with the help of a newly launched program at using the iComTrader International Online Virtual Marketplace, suppliers and manufacturers can develop and empower a mobile sales force to create a selling network, much like an 'Amway - esque" sales model 

In today's current marketplace, where there are lots of people seeking to supplement their income, iComTrader's new "turn-key - online business in a box" program is a fantastic way for sellers and manufacturers to grow their sales by tapping into this rapidly expanding home-based re-sellers business model. 

About the program - Our innovative concept to help by sellers grow a sales force by providing them with an turn key online business is drawing high praise. 

Essentially, we will empower you the supplier, to empower your re-sellers and distributors with "state of the art" web tools, at a fraction of the cost of what it would cost them for the equivalent. 

With this Program a Master Supplier can now offer independent or home based selling distributorships that include 

Product Sample Kits 
Product Training 
Product eBrochures and eCatalog 
Print Product Advertising 
Website and URL (from iComTrader) 
Online Marketing Tools (from iComTrader) 
Web Store Invoicing and Payment Options (from iComTrader) 
Q&A Forum, for Product Knowledge (on iComTrader) 
Drop shipping 
Warehouse and Logistic Options (via iComTrader) 

Our online program features include: 

* 9 Professional websites / online stores for you and your potential distributors (additional sites al available). 

* The 9 sites are complete with profile, homepage (landing page) and each with a unique website address (URL). 

* Unlimited, free listings for you and your resellers to offer items and services for sale on the iComTrader servers. 

* Each listing will generate its own url for easy sharing and promotion. Product URL's will be indexed for maximum SEO 

* E mail promotions via "listing alerts" of product and services to our mailing list of verified members. 

* Online promotion tools of both product listings and homepages via iComTrader's easy share tools for social network accounts (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.,). 

* Concierge like site assistance to help members with active Verified membership. 

* Online Invoice and Store Management Tools - Buyers automatically receive an online invoice, reminders and more, making record keeping and finance management easy. 

* All back office tools are included (invoicing/PayPal/Tracking, etc.) in the iComTrader Online sites. 

* Both master sellers and their online distributors can use iComTrader live auction features at any time as a sales promotion or inventory dispersal. . 

*iComTrader will provide Online Q&A Forum, to Manufacture/Supplier (Master Seller) along with a Blog spot. 

* Master Seller will have direct access to iComTrader Global Agents Network for possible expansion into new Countries. 

Introductory rates - Supplier will pay a minimum fee of $3500.00 annually to iComTrader which includes up to 9 websites (including their own) as outlined in the above 

Each additional website will be invoiced at $500/Year. 
Commission/Service Fees - Master Sellers (suppliers) will pay 1.5% service fee of all sales purchased on the iComTrader websites, Service fee invoices will be generated monthly. . 

iComTrader will not collect any money or commissions from buyers or re-sellers. 

Master Suppliers will have access to iComTrader's services, such as market consulting, warehousing and logistics management for drop shipping, site advertising etc., at a discounted price 

Contact sales@icomtrader.com  to learn more.

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