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US Based iComTrader or China's Alibaba?

Posted Wednesday June 4, 2014 11:19:55 AM EDT

Here is just a few reasons why you may want to consider US Based iComTrader over China's Alibaba as your global marketing and international sales development partner.
iComTrader is a US based company - With a strong sales presence in the USA as well as many global markets., our leadership brings global sales and marketing experience, with customer service. We are not just a website!

We respect ALL local languages - While we are a US based global marketing company and English is our home base language, which we speak concisely, we also offer global sales representatives that speak the native language and understand local business cultures.

Customer service commitment - iComTrader offers a personal customer service representative to every member as part of its commitment to offer a concierge like setting for our goals of reaching the highest standards of customer engagement.

Transparency - Our online platform is clearly designed, easy to navigate and includes “state of the art” online tools and optional auction software, that offers transparency in its transactions.

"State of the art" online user tools - We give our users free content sharing features so that users can easily promote both their homepage as well as the users listings for sale. Sharing listings and content over social network sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., is done with a click of a mouse!

Effective, intelligent marketing - iComTrader is a marketing company that offers a wide array of marketing services from world class global development professionals. Effective, intelligent global marketing begins with your registration to iComTrader Int'l!

Auction Software - Whether you have excess inventory or just want new and unique method to promote products our live auction features will help you create a marketing “buzz”. The combination of an international audience, as well as the excitement and competitive nature of auctions, allows sellers to realize the greatest possible returns.

Not just products! Our platform provides a marketplace for services as well as products. Promoting your services just got easier and a bit more interesting!

Verification's - iComTrader makes every effort to protect its buyers from fraudulent sellers and scam artists. All sellers of products and services have to pay and be verified, to use the portal, virtually eliminating scam artists and counterfeiters.

People -  Its the combination of our "state of the art" website WITH skilled marketing professionals, that allows us to offer highly effective, customer service oriented, global marketing options to our clients around the world.

Contact us to start your journey towards market globalization using effective marketing strategies.
Would you like to join the iComTrader Team of independent local sales agent? E mail us to find out if you qualify to admin@icomtrader.com

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