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Using Web-links To Promote Your Products & Services.

Posted Tuesday April 1, 2014 12:49:37 PM EDT

Update - On April 4th, 2014 iComTrader Announced that the Introductory Period of this offer will expire at the end of April. The new price will be a still low, $299/Year  

Let's face it, trying to promote sales with e mail marketing campaigns with attached brochures, pictures and pricing is a waste of time. 

Trying to promote your product and boost sales with e mail marketing campaigns that include attachments of brochures, pictures and pricing is a becoming a complete waste of time.

Most of us that get unsolicited messages with "stock lot" attachments and "new product offers" attached, delete the messages, unread, and that is after getting upset that you sometimes have to wait for all of the pictures and files to download.

It has recently been reported that more than 70% of all e mail solicitations that contain more than 1 attachment are deleted unread, if they make it through the spam filter.

The failure rate increases with every additional attachment, and now most corporate domains are simply dumping the files into a spam folder that never gets opened.

We have developed a much better way to market your product and services by sharing offers with web links.

Whether it be a company introduction, or a marketing campaign to offer products, those that are providing a web link, are finding it a much more effective, and cost efficient method of sales promotion.

Even better, web-links can now be easily shared on social media venues like FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Creating a product listing, corporate profile online, with each having its own URL, is like "parking" the attachments in one easy to place with easy access!  Then, you can rid yourself of sending annoying attachments, and simply provide the product web link (url) to promote sales.

iComTrader Online Members are provided a fully functional and easy to navigate updateable seller's profile, with its own URL(web link).

Get Free Add This / Share This Pro Tools (valued at $144.00)

At iComTrader Online, members are also provided, free of charge, web marketing tools, that allow easy sharing of product offers and company introductions with the click of a button.  

Our Verified Global Online Seller and Services Provider Annual Membership Plan which is valued at over $1500.00/Year can be yours at our LinkedIn Group Special Introductory Offer of just $75.00/Year for a limited time only

Designed for manufacturers, suppliers, sellers, international traders, brokers, and international marketers, this all inclusive membership includes:

* Professional web profile and homepage with unique website address (URL), which includes internal SEO and website ad campaigns. (Valued at over USD $150 Month)

* Unlimited, free listings to post offers of products and services in our virtual marketplace and online business exchange. Each listing will generate its own URL for marketing promotion and client sharing purposes.

* Free marketing tools to help you promote and share your company profile and product listings with a built in Share This / Add This feature that connects to more than 50 social network websites and e mail solicitation tools with the click of a button! (valued of $144/Year).

* Free use of our "eBay like" live auction format, listing option, to offer products and services to the highest bidder.

* Free e mail "listing alerts" of product and services, when they are listed, to our mailing list of verified members.

* Social network posting permission of your listings of products and services on iComTrader 's LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook groups and accounts.

* We will tweet the heck out of your offers and promote them on LinkedIn to all of our Groups!

* Full use of our professional and easy to use ,online billing tools.

* All Sales successfully concluded will be invoiced at just 2.5%

All of this for our introductory price of just $75.00/Year (Price will be adjusted to $299/Year when Introductory Offer expires on 4/30/2014  

E Mail sales@icomtrader.com   with PROMO Code "GoGlobal" and we will apply a 25% discount to this already low introductory price (First 200 Requests Accepted).

Don't have an iComTrader ID?  Visit http://www.icomtrader.com and join today for free, to obtain a member ID and Password

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