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Become an Authorized Country Manager

Posted Tuesday February 11, 2014 9:59:04 AM EDT

The iComTrader Int’l Group continues to rapidly develop and subsequently expand its roster of services that it is offering to its clients. To help aid in the development, we are offering a unique opportunity to independent business professionals, to supplement their income as an agent and territory manager in the iComTrader network.  

While representatives may be independently owned and operated local entities, they will be required to follow the procedures and adhere to leadership of the Executive Management Team of the iComTrader Int'l Group. 

What We Do 

The iComTrader International Group is a complete international business development service that offers a wide range of global marketing solutions and online tools to help their business grow in the rapidly expanding world marketplace. 

The group is made up of four distinct divisions that work separately or in concert to develop sales and marketing development of product and services, both online and off. The combination of our online exchange and marketplace with a global network of skilled trade and sales marketing professionals, allows us to help small and mid sized companies develop a global presence and marketing plan. 

How We Do It (Services Offered)

1) B2B Online Sales & Marketing - iComTrader Online members are provided with the tools to create a free, fully functional seller's website (homepage) with unique web address (URL). Our free and easy to use online promotional tools provides an effective and time efficient way to share both your web profile and product/services.  Learn more about our online program here :

2) Inventory Auctions Online
Why use inventory auctions as a marketing campaign?  Details here: http://www.icomtrader.com/html/inventoryauctions.html 

3) Global Sales Development, Done Locally, Done RightLearn more about  this service here:  - At iComTrader we understand how important it is in today's competitive market, for manufacturers and suppliers to develop sales into the global marketplace. We also know that for small and mid-sized companies, the cost of hiring experienced employees, combined with traveling the costs makes global growth somewhat unattainable.

4)  Sales Marketing and  Business Development Advisory Services - Initially created by our Group's founder James Vena to fund a foundation to assist the families of breast cancer survivors, VENATURES now offers a full roster of professional consultation / advisory services and more to help companies develop.
Read more here: 
- Inventory auction events can be used as a marketing promotion to launch a campaign by "creating a buzz", as well as to reduce inventory, partially disperse the product in your warehouse or have a total liquidation auction event online. 

Interested? You can view the entire contract, in a pro forma, with its terms and conditions here: http://www.icomtrader.com/sites/territoryagencyagreement/

E Mail admin@icomtrader.com if you have any questions or would like one of our Directors contact you to further explore this opportunity.

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